August 15, 2010: Volunteer contribution: the heartbeat of ACC

From the earliest days the Acadia Cinema Cooperative Ltd (ACC) has received unprecedented support from shareholders and community volunteers. When ACC received an ACOA Innovative Communities Fund grant in 2009 a great deal of volunteer work has been required and is still underway. Volunteers also show up to help with on-going maintenance and new developments. Many have not been pictured in our little Gallery but you are in our articles, archives and our hearts. The Acadia Cinema Cooperative Ltd is most grateful to each and every volunteer.

Although not pictured here, a special thanks to George St. Amour who has always seemed to be in the right place at the right time from the earliest days of ACC; our committed Board of Directors headed by Audrey Conroy; volunteer manager Bill Zimmerman; and last but not least, Pete Conroy, who is invaluable for wise council on all things technical and provides continuous assistance with lighting (hanging, focusing, maintenance and repair in both the Theatre and Studio) and especially with rigging the new lighting bridge.

Thank you, one and all. This is just a small ACC rogues’ gallery of tribute to some of our volunteer highlights during 2009-2010. Click each photo for details.

If you have any additional photos to share, please send along so that they can be included in our next Volunteer update. Thank you. (S. Hauer, 542-5157 or

And now check out our very first ACC YouTube video, the work of another very special group of volunteers. The ACC Board and shareholders are grateful to the creative team of marke slipp (producer/director), Fred Macdonald (cinematographer), Warren Young (editing and post production), Ken Shorley (music) and Elizabeth Young (catering) who initiated and brought this important acknowledgement to the screen!