Share Purchase

If you value the Al Whittle Theatre facilities you might consider investing in the rich cultural life of the Valley. Why not purchase a share (only $100) in the Acadia Cinema Cooperative Ltd., or give a share to a friend or family member? Simply download a form to begin the process.

If the new shareholder is at least 19 years of age and a Nova Scotia resident, s/he will receive a $35 credit on their N.S income tax for every $100 share purchased when we have an Equity Tax Credit (ETC) in place. You should also know that under the legislation governing co-operatives, as members of a non-profit co-op ACC shareholders do not receive dividends or special benefits and our shares never change in value.

We register at least once a year. The current ETC is now available and ends February 28, 2014.

Questions? Contact Fred Chipman at or (902) 542-2141.