Volunteer Opportunities

From the earliest days the Acadia Cinema Cooperative Ltd. has received unprecedented support from shareholder and community volunteers. This volunteer support is the heartbeat of the Cooperative. Volunteers readily respond to calls for on-going maintenance and new development help. Many volunteer faces will never be pictured in our little rotating Gallery (below) but they are in our articles, archives and our hearts. The Acadia Cinema Cooperative Ltd is most grateful to each and every volunteer.

Interested in helping the Acadia Cinema Cooperative?

Contact the Co-op at info@acadiacinema.coop

May 26, 2011: What we’ve been up to!

James Skinner has led the efforts to bring order to ACC storage including installing fold-down steps to the area next to Studio-Z. He has also become the Coop’s mainstay for computer needs.


Board member Fred Chipman took on the daunting task of cleaning and building storage in the space under the crossover behind the stage.

Tony Napoli has volunteered many hours to help sort out technical issues in the control booth.

Adam, Ellis and Pete check out a lighting instrument.

Pete Conroy continues to maintain and improve the theatre lighting systems and equipment in the Al Whittle Theatre and Studio-Z with the help of Adam Steeves and Ellis Brian Clayton.

In addition, volunteer help has arranged needed work on electrical and ventilating systems in the theatre over the past months.

Thank you, one and all!