July 12, 2009: July 12, 2009

We’ve Gone Digital!

Our new CP2000M Digital Cinema projector has arrived. On April 9, 2009, to be exact! It’s been installed and it’s working. On Saturday, April 25, Wolfville Area Cinema for Kids and Youth (W.A.C.K.Y) screened WALL-E. Fundy Film got their chance on May 17, with screenings of Kenneth Branagh’s THE MAGIC FLUTE. And this means that we’re now able to regularly screen High Definition video content – like that on BluRay discs – and, with some additional equipment down the road, HD cam, DigiBeta and even Digital Cinema studio releases. For those of us who are not up on the latest technical terms, this means that when we use the projector together with our BluRay player, the Al Whittle Theatre is screening DVD and BluRay content in the highest possible quality.

The Acadia Cinema Cooperative gratefully acknowledges
all those who have made the Projector Fund a success:
Town of Wolfville

Wolfville Business Development Corporation

Province of Nova Scotia

Individual ACC shareholders

Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op

Rotary Club of Wolfville

Fundy Film Society

Scotia McLeod

Retired Faculty of Acadia University

Individuals, groups and government responded to the Digital Projector Fund – established in 2005 – which covered most of the projector’s cost. The donors understood that the projector represents a long-awaited leap forward, not only for the Acadia Cinema Coop, but also for W.A.C.K.Y. and the Coop’s anchor tenant, the Fundy Film Society. Until the new projector arrived, the digital revolution sweeping the film industry had reduced the Fundy Film Society’s access to documentaries, the work of local filmmakers, the National Film Board and Canadian and international filmmakers. Previously available on 35mm film, many are now only available on digital formats. We’re also finding that service for 35mm projectors is getting more and more difficult. Late last spring, the Coop arranged for technicians from Montréal to service ours and three other regional projectors. It took almost a year to find qualified technicians.

Now a broad range of community institutions, groups and events will benefit from having a digital projector available at the Al Whittle Theatre. With lower film shipping costs, broader access to films and the reduced time for arranging screenings, the new digital projector allows us to expand screening opportunities dramatically. Can a future Fundy Filmmakers Festival, movies for school children on “snow days” and community group series be far off?

Stay tuned for future “official” celebrations of the projector’s arrival. Area artists are already collaborating on a public service announcement for the Al Whittle Theatre screen, acknowledging those who have made this significant purchase possible.