August 18, 2009: August 19, 2009

Northern Guests Volunteer for ACC

Malorey Nirlungayuk, 17 of Fort Simpson (left) and Kanayok Klengenberg, 15 of Yellowknife (right) volunteered for ACC in July and August. (2009/08/08)

Malorey Nirlungayuk, 17 (Fort Simpson) and Kanayok Klengenberg, 15 (Yellowknife) were in Wolfville this summer under Northern Youth Abroad, a Katimavik-like program for NWT and Nunavut youth from 15—21. Sheila Richardson was their Wolfville host. Malorey worked underBill Zimmerman, helping with the set for Valley Summer Theatre’s The Gin Game. Kanayok dropped in to help with the set (after her work at the Town Recreation Centre) and both volunteers also helped Susan Hauer with clean-up and preparation for renovations to the room above the theatre lobby. Thank you Malorey and Kanayok from the Acadia Cinema Cooperative Board!

Volunteer Ventures, July 2009

Co-op volunteers Ann Anderson (left) and Marilyn Manzer (right) wear new “pigtails” they constructed for inherited Kipawo Theatre lighting instruments. (2009/07/18)

It’s been a beehive of activity in the Acadia Cinema building this summer! Acadia Cinema Cooperative volunteers have dropped in to lend a hand in the Al Whittle Theatre and the room above the theatre lobby that is getting a significant makeover.

The Acadia Cinema Cooperative Board thanks co-op volunteers Pam Ackerman, Ann Anderson, Chris Barrett, Susan Hauer, Kanayok Klengenberg, Marilyn Manzer, Jeff Moore, Malorey Nirlungayuk, John Robichaud, marke slipp, and Bill Zimmerman who have contributed to many tasks as the Al Whittle Theatre prepares for its first summer theatre company, and the upstairs room moves from a multi-purpose community space / performer Green Room-dressing room areaa to also become an intimate 35 soft-seat second venue for live performance and digital cinema.

Here are some of our volunteers’ accomplishments: moving scaffolding up and down, hauling in acoustical panels, putting together the hardware to hang and hanging the panels high in the upstairs room’s ceiling to provide excellent acoustics; cleaning and prepping the room, bathrooms and unfinished shower stalls for new flooring, floor tiles and wall tiling for working showers; making a whack of new “two-fer” cable splitters for Al Whittle Theatre lighting instruments; loading in new theatre equipment; cleaning and ordering back stage and storage areas of the Al Whittle Theatre and the up-stairs storage room; building new wiring for the Old Kipawo theatre lights to replace the asbestos wiring.

It’s very exciting. Thank you all!

New ACC Brochure Hits the Streets

PR Committee— Nancy Saul-Demers, Pam Ackerman and Susan Hauer, with Bill Zimmerman designed a new brochure for the Acadia Cinema Cooperative Ltd. So far it is in the theatre lobby, at selected outlets in Wolfville, will be in Wolfville Welcome Wagon packets and went into 200 Alumni packages for the July 2009 Reunion Weekend. Anonymous shareholders also very generously subsidized 100 brochures which are now in the Kentville area.

Click here to download a brochure to send to or share with a friend, neighbour or family member who may want to join the co-op or volunteer.

Website Update

The spring housecleaning of this web site has been brought to you by the most wonderful Heidi Kalyani and Ken Shorley, and the Coop’s new and energetic PR Committee— Nancy Saul-Demers, Pam Ackerman and Susan Hauer. Heidi designed and set up the ACC web site six years ago and she designed and added the Al Whittle Theatre site to the web family in 2006. As volunteers, she and Ken have been managing the sites all this time. In the past, the ACC site has languished for want of content from the Board. The new PR Committee hopes to remedy this and will attempt to keep the site au courant. Wish us luck!

Al Paints Whittle, Again!

Last month, the REAL Al Whittle got tired of seeing the raw cinder block walls just inside “the namesake theatre’s” doors. So, with a break from his work at Acadia University, this stellar Acadia Cinema Coop volunteer took it upon himself to give the blocks a lovely coat of teal wall paint. In July, Al decided it was time to paint the theatre floor! Together with Bill Zimmerman, Al put on a fresh coat of grey paint and returned to white line the top of each aisle step after the grey had dried. Thanks, Al, for taking the initiative and doing a really great job!

Flower Cart Program Provides Great Volunteers!

Did you know that for over a year now ACC has had a partnership with the Flower Cart’s Transition to Work Program for challenged adults? Each week, several young adults and their supervisor arrive to clean the theatre. They are learning skills in a welcoming environment that helps them eventually find employment in the wider community. This activity has been a positive benefit for the program and equally so for ACC and the theatre. This summer, the crew was also on hand to help with a number of timely tasks connected with the ACOA grant activity. ACC offers a special Thank You to one and all for their excellent work.