Monthly Archives: August 2010

Volunteer contribution: the heartbeat of ACC

From the earliest days the Acadia Cinema Cooperative Ltd (ACC) has received unprecedented support from shareholders and community volunteers. When ACC received an ACOA Innovative Communities Fund grant in 2009 a great deal of volunteer work has been required and is still underway. Volunteers also show up to help with on-going maintenance and new developments. […]

Sinking mortgage thanks to shareholders

Since January 1, 2010, 62 supporters have bought 112 shares in the SINK THE MORTGAGE share-buying program . Every share purchased takes us closer to the goal of retiring the mortgage entirely. Every share purchased makes a difference. To date, this wonderful support has provided eight double mortgage payments and, as of August 1st, ACC will have paid down 30% of the […]


WELCOME… to the newly revamped website of the Acadia Cinema Cooperative Ltd. Many thanks to Ned Zimmerman for getting it off the ground. Built with a new content management system, it will be easier to keep up-dated, so the work can now be shared among a group of volunteers. A major advance in every way. Come visit […]