November 17, 2010: AGM news

Photograph of new board members

New Acadia Cinema Coop Board Members

The Coop is strong! That was the message from the AGM held on Wednesday, October 27. Newly elected board members (left to right) Bronwyn Andrews, Tim Fisk and Karen Malim beam after their first board meeting.  Visit  Shareholders for all the details.

Now’s your chance

A New Equity Tax Credit Registration is in place. This is a good time to invest in the cultural life of our community and help us Sink the Mortgage too! For more info, go to Shareholders page. If you are ready to buy now, here’s the form!

Manager applications are under review

October 29 was the application deadline for the new Theatre Manager position for Acadia Cinema’s Al Whittle Theatre and Studio-Z. The Human Resources Committee is now considering the applicants and hopes to announce the appointment of a new Theatre Manager soon!

Celebration planning has begun

The front of what is now called the Acadia Cinema building was built in 1907. A wooden structure –  the Wolfville Opera House – was added at the back on the site of what is now the Al Whittle Theatre. It opened its doors in 1911. The Acadia Cinema Coop has initiated a year of celebration called 100 Years of Stage & Screen for 2011, to recognize the contribution of the Al Whittle Theatre site to the cultural history and life of the community. The Coop is also working with the Wolfville Historical Society. Check Volunteers for the Coop’s proposal and news from the first committee meeting.