November 17, 2010: Come join the celebration!

Next year, 2011, will mark the 100th anniversary of the Acadia Cinema Building on Main Street, Wolfville, as an arts venue. The original building at the front was constructed in 1907. Later work began on the wooden opera house at the back which opened in 1911. This site has been home to live arts and screen performances since that time. Led by Nancy Saul-Demers of the Acadia Cinema Cooperative’s P.R. Committee, a small group of ACC supporters met November 11th to discuss possible ways to high-light the historic celebration year.Attending were Maxine Barrett, Dorothy King, Stan Moeller, and new ACC Board member Tim Fisk. They formed the 100th Anniversary Committee, and will be looking for lots of community participation with more committee members, more celebration ideas and more people to make it all happen. They will have the support of the PR Committee, including Nancy Saul-Demers, Pam Ackerman and Susan Hauer throughout. Many different and creative ideas were suggested at the meeting. Everything from filmed interviews with seniors who might reminisce about the “old days”, to multi-media lobby exhibits; talent shows  and theatrical presentations; silent films with live music; possibly an opera; multimedia history projects in collaboration with local schools; and much much more. It was clear that the next step must be greater community involvement. The committee is asking anyone who would like to share memories and/or items or pictures of the theatre; anyone who would like to join the committee; anyone with performance,  interview or research skills and anyone with a good idea to please call Dorothy King at 542-9625 or email her.

The next meeting of the committee will be Thursday, December 9th, 7 pm at Studio-Z. Members are hoping for a significant outpouring of ideas and enthusiastic celebrants by that time. All are welcome.

Contributed by Pam Ackerman

Proposal to the Wolfville Historical Society Here is a small ACC rogues’ gallery of tribute to some of our volunteer highlights during 2009-2010. Click each photo for details.

If you have any additional photos to share, please send along so that they can be included in our next Volunteer update. Thank you. (S. Hauer for ACC PR Committee (542-5157 or