December 4, 2010: New Acadia Cinema Coop Theatre Manager chosen

The Board of Directors of the Acadia Cinema Cooperative, Ltd, is pleased to announce that they have chosen Kathleen Hull of Port Williams to be the Coop’s new Theatre Manager. On January 1, 2011, she will assume the many and varied duties now being performed by volunteer Theatre Manager William Zimmerman, who has agreed to be available as a transitional resource until March 1, 2011.

Ms. Hull has extensive experience in the arts world to bring to the job. She has been General Manager for the Ross Creek Center for the Arts and Two Planks and a Passion Theatre, and has held the same position with Shakespeare in the Ruins, a theatre company in Winnipeg.

She operates her own consulting company and has worked with many arts organizations in the Annapolis Valley. This has provided her with knowledge of not-for-profit businesses like the ACC, and experience working with volunteers, a vital part of the theatre manager’s job.

“I am very pleased to become part of such a cornerstone organization for the Arts in the Valley. I look forward to building on the strength and stability of the Acadia Cinema Coop to secure its legacy and ensure a long and exciting future,” said Ms Hull.

The Board was pleased with the strong response to this job opportunity and wishes to thank all of the candidates who applied for the position.

Equity Tax Credit share sale now in place

Fred Chipman, the Corporate Secretary for the Acadia Cinema Coop recently announced that a new Equity Tax Credit registration is in place until March 1, 2011. The Equity Tax Credit gives Nova Scotia tax payers a 35% non-refundable tax credit. Shares purchased during this period will go toward our Sink the Mortgage plan.

Since this plan began in October of 2008, a total of 160 supporters have purchased 390 shares ($39,000) for the SINK THE MORTGAGE share-buying program . Every share purchased takes us closer to the goal of retiring the mortgage entirely. Every share purchased makes a difference. As of August 1 this wonderful support has allowed ACC to pay down 30% of the total mortgage that existed when the Sink program started.

When the Cooperative began “Sink the Mortgage” we owed $227,000. As of August 1 the mortgage was $160,000. But there’s still a ways to go.

The Equity Tax Credit – that’s 35% of the cost of every share right off the top of your Provincial income taxes for this year – offers an added incentive to help the ACC reach its goal by the end of 2011. Investments in our Coop are an investment in the cultural life of our community. Under the legislation governing co-operatives as a non-profit co-op, shareholders do not receive dividends or special benefits and our shares never change in value.

Any questions? Contact Fred Chipman (or Bill Zimmerman)

You can  download a share application to get on with the “sinking” now!