July 11, 2012: Digital cinema server (DCS) upgrade

You may have heard how quickly film projection technology is changing. We have been hosting a mix of half-and-half 35mm film and DVD/BlueRay disks, but that is rapidly coming to an end. As of January 2013, almost all cinemas in Canada and the U.S. will no longer receive 35mm prints of major films and documentaries; in fact most have already converted. Films will all be distributed through digital technology and shown from a secure server running a digital projector.

This investment enables us, and our main tenant Fundy Film Society, to continue to show the quality and variety of first-run films and documentaries you have come to expect at the Acadia Cinema. In 2009, with assistance from ACOA and the Province of Nova Scotia, our then-new digital projector enabled us to show DVD and BlueRay video. Fortunately that projector has the ability to upgrade easily to the new secure server technology. We need to make a capital outlay of $15,000 this Fall so we, and our key tenant Fundy Film, can continue to screen first-run films. However, this is outside of our budget for 2012-2013. We are asking our existing and new shareholders to contribute to this capital investment and keep Acadia Cinema plugged in to current world cinema with this Digital Cinema server upgrade.