September 5, 2012: The Digital Cinema Server is happening!

Today we began a new era at the Acadia Cinema’s Al Whittle Theatre. Installation and training on the digital projector upgrade is underway with a technician on site from Proctech to get us started. This Fall we will stop weekly screenings of 35mm films which has been a technology used here for projection for many years. The film industry has moved to digital cinema for distribution of all first run films. Over the next year all cinemas must follow. While our film tenants, Fundy Film, may occasionally screen a 35mm film on the old platter system, we have decided to upgrade of projector to meet the new standard and guarantee access to the great films through Fundy Film’s “World’s Best Films in Wolfville” mandate.

We need help funding this new acquisition, so please consider joining the already 700+ shareholders inthe Acadia Cinema in supporting our unique, historic venue. Share purchases qualify for a 35% Nova Scotia Equity Tax Credit. Simply download a share purchase form to begin the process.

Theatre manager Mary Harwell, right and Noemi Volovics from Fundy Film Society inspect the installation of the digital cinema server upgrade to the projector in the booth of the Al Whittle Theatre