September 28, 2017: WHITFLIX The Al Whittle Theatre Smartphone Film Festival

WHITFLIX Submission Guidelines
Creative types with smartphones in hand are invited to submit short films in a new competition sponsored by the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville. Links to submissions must be received by November 10. Films must be less than 5 minutes and shot on a smartphone. Other than that, creativity rules the day and will be judged by a panel of film industry insiders.

A Gala screening is planned for November 24 when winning submissions will be featured in the four categories:
1) And… action! (Drama, Comedy, Suspense)
2) Once upon a phone (Documentary)
3) Check one two (Music video)
4) The other thing (Surrealism, Animation, Experimental, Else, Other)

There is no fee for submissions, and no age limit or geographic locale. The Al Whittle Theatre is looking to highlight the creativity, especially in the Nova Scotia community, but submissions will be entertained from anywhere.

Download the Submission Guidelines and deliver your links by November 10 to: