Share Purchase

If you value the Al Whittle Theatre facilities you might consider investing in the rich cultural life of the Valley. Why not purchase a share (only $100) in the Acadia Cinema Cooperative Ltd., or give a share to a friend or family member? Simply download a form to begin the process.

If the new shareholder is at least 19 years of age and a Nova Scotia resident, s/he will receive a $35 credit on their N.S income tax for every $100 share purchased when we have an Equity Tax Credit (ETC) in place. You should also know that under the legislation governing co-operatives, as members of a non-profit co-op ACC shareholders do not receive dividends or special benefits and our shares never change in value.

The current ETC is now available and ends February 28,.

Questions? Contact our Corporate Secretary at or (902) 542-3344.